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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon featured moa-reject rated weird
Created 2009-08-21
Last Modified 2009-08-21
by 27 people.
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This map was featured on 2009-10-15

So, who enjoys long, difficult maps? Come on, show of hands! Who loved 88-4?


Well, in any case, I'm the reviewer here and I say that you're going to beat this map no matter how long it takes. You're going to enjoy running this mine-lined gauntlet until you get to the end of it because maps like this will suck you in for half an hour or more as you pound on your keyboard in a frustrated rage, trying to devour every last blip of yellow. And you're going to love every second of it. — Onesevennine

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Logan_ > plastic_vase

<3 []

One of my favourite maps on NUMA. This is amazing. If I actually had proper favourites instead of those 8900 maps (although they are all good), this would be there for sure. <3
But they're too similar to warrant individual features unless they completely break the mould.


ignore what I said, I read: agd, beat it; instead of: beat it. agd.

Mekimu, romaniac beat your agd 18 hours before you even posted yours.



Beat it.

awesome map. no clue about the thwump.
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To be honest, I've learned that featuring a radium map is pretty futile. They all mix together into a glorious, tasty soup. Reviewing a single spoonful really isn't worth it.

lol lord_day, nice find ;]
It /does/ go through the tile and that makes it /possible/ to get back up...

I think EdoI

should e quiet.


I didn't like this at all! Very hard.


I don't have to tell anymore.
PERFECT MAP!I like it.

mickytp, you need to calm down...least you can do is watch a demo, mine for example or romaniacs...You are not the best author here, so stop acting like it, whether you deny this fact or not.
If you're flailing around this opinion thing you've got, well mintnut also has his opinion. Don't act like you're so mature if you're actually not...........


It's opinion mintnut. It's not right or wrong, so don't say idiotic things like that, please.


SundayMorningCall is wrong, again. Having said that, this map doesn't do much for me. It is simply good; in that it functions and is well made. There isn't enough spark...


false, sweeping generalizations like that just make me nauseous.

By the way, this map is just exactly like every other Radium map except that one that was linear.

Figured, but still.

You're just saying that because you know RF's the only one left on this site who bothers to flame you.

Ahhh this is shit

Irritating gold, chaingun, and the gauss was pretty annoying. Plus the thwump goes through that tile, making it possible to get back up. I don't know if that was intended or not, but I didn't like it.

Actually, it's Memoirs, not Moa.
cause this is addicting. the chaingun combined with the gauss were incredible, this is really feature worthy.

Beat it.
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Good map, fun map, map map.

i will beat this...

tiles were awesome.
mines: check, chaingun: check,angry cursing, animal roars, and pounding the desk till my hands break: CHECK 5

Grats on your 3rd!

you can take that line off your profile now :D
i was the 2nd commenter ;D


.. why didnt i rate it though =S

I liked it

Would have featured miami though.



and you're going to love every second of it
Do I have to collect that too?

...Although, it is quite yellowish-green.

this is KRAZY

but i dig it. and a public rate of 5?? nice work! :D keep it up. and yes, the review rocked.


thanks, guys :)


and stupid...
too much mines all scattered around.


thats one of the true-est reviews i have ever read. It did take me about half an hour to get this demo and I did get all the gold and I did love every minute of it

whoever rejected this from moa is an ASSASSASS.

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