Meandering With the Amazon

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Author origami_alligator
Tags amazon author:origami_alligator featured mines penumbra unrated
Created 2009-08-21
Last Modified 2009-08-21
Map Data

Description built with fury

This map was featured on 2009-09-23

You know how much you guys like the classics. MTI, the Psychotic Mined Games, everything in that vein? Well, I think this map could easily join this select group, made by none other than origami_alligator, our most recent NUMA admin.

Meandering with the Amazon combines an old school challenge with fresh theming and a nice perspective on the whole minejumper genre. It’s not too difficult, but those jumps still pose a mean challenge to a cocky player. And if you thought the way there was hard, wait until you try to get back up...

Another instant classic. Well worth playing. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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Only druids have fury, dumfuk. Learn yr skillz.
death demo on last mine
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This map is one of my favorites.


Seconds faster yet
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fastest :D
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epic map

southpaw i wish to collab! interested?

Thanks GTM!

And thanks dudes. Yeah, maybe not on the same level as MTI and Mined Games but I like to think it's still pretty good. :P

congrats, well deserved


Definitely not in the same league as MTI or Mined Games.

Still decent, though.


forgot the data
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loved it. if the second mine tunnel was any easier then the map would be much less fun

Wooo go pawz

Just as good as when I first saw it ;D


great map
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Could Godless Mean

Locked doors? Because I can see how those could be considered unecessary.


There are no trapdoors in this map.

Were the trapdoors even remotely necessary? Other than that, I liked it. The mines were perfectly placed.

After I finally get those jumps off I screw my an easy jump. ;______;

Good map.
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Could you please.

Disable this account so I can create a different one.

Thank you very much.

Well designed and constructed - would have loved it a lot more if the second mine tunnel were slightly easier. Nevertheless, sliding down that first gold tunnel feels glorious.


yeah. second climb is a bit of a spike. pretty good though. and i really like the layout and tileset heh. :) mm nice
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I love the tileset.

I found the passage with the two door keys to be a little irritating.


Brilliantly constructed :D - 5aved.
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i couldnt do that part either karmap0lice =P
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looks really cool, I can't get past the second climb lol, but from what I played I really liked!
I like this a lot. Fun jumps.
faved for later I'm busy handing Eddie his ass.