Cracks in the floor

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading rated speedrun-this
Created 2009-08-21
Last Modified 2009-08-21
by 13 people.
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Description speedrun again.

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Nice Tileset!

5/5 You shouldn't quit though. I think you are a really good map maker! I like your maps! :D

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good good good

I think your maps are okay, just build a little reputation and your good to go. I mean, I only have like 2 rated maps and I've been doing this for two years


4,5/5 rounded up

Seems well, plays good. I hope anyone turn it into a goldly map.
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you need a new map!

please =]


you're back!
Look stop being so self depreciating alright it makes you seem whiny your a perfectly good map maker and you know it.

Quitting mapping because you don't get ratings is ridiculous that is like a composer quitting music cause he didn't get on to top of the pops, the main stream sucks.

Ratings are overrated anyway if you get a 3 or less your disappointed cause everyone always gives 4s if you get a 4 it means nothing cause everyone always gives 4s and if you get a 5 you elated for a couple of seconds and then you get sniped down nearly always and its very disappointing (all my 5s got sniped down in one day).

I'm happy for you to advertise on my maps any time just say you want me to check out a map or rate some maps and I will. However its only fair to rce the map your advertising on (and that is what your doing with these leaving comments however you choose to wrap it) in return and don't try to guilt trip me with emotional appeal I hate that.

Don't quit just spend time on your map and make sure your enjoying it regardless of what some stupid statistics say have a nice day :)
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i suck sooo bad at making maps


we all

need inspiration :/

I rated 5 by the way. Heh.
Mine harldy ever get rated either. 4/5.

aww dont quit man :(

My maps were hardly ever rated until I got fairly well known, you just have to build up to that.

anyway, nice tiles faved

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