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Author knurdyl
Tags author:knurdyl divine dooreerie fun intervention playable unrated
Created 2009-08-22
Last Modified 2009-08-22
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Description As the Creator incubates new life forms to be placed onto His planet, a small, black creature appears out of nowhere in the middle of a tray of eggs. It is a Homus Ninjus, an evil creature that enjoys thieving gold from unwary mechanical objects. It lets out a sharp cry as it realises that there is no gold to be found in the Creators incubation chamber. All at once, the Creator's robotic guards awaken from their slumber.
'Oops', one mumbles. 'Erm...well, I guess we'd better catch it and blast it to pieces.'
'But boss,' whines another, 'we blasted the last one to pieces. Can we have a change?'
'Blasting to pieces is the only thing we are capable of, recruit. Get it into your head'

A new dooreerie from me. In my series of dooreeries, Divine Intervention
Dedicated to UndeadPie for his discovery of the meaning of the word heptocohenagon. Congratulations, sir. Or ma'am, I guess.

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now I'm back

hmm, this was quite better than the begining made it out to be. The lasers, especially the bottom right and bottom left made it quite a good experience. The ending was a fantastic idea, helped by the solid tileset. 4.34/5

You can use it

if you ded me.
And provide a link to this map.
But turning this into door-eerie isn't a good idea IMO... Can I use this tileset?


Thankyou, kind sir.
Nobody looks at my maps anymore...
But I enjoyed the level itself so much more.


ded []

coolest looking, but worst playing door eerie i've seen
it was hard to actually keep any sort of flow, and i didn't enjoy the lasers a lot
But I guess that's not saying much :P


for the first and hopefully final time, please DO NOT PLAY IN NON-DEBUG MODE.
It doesn't work how I intended it to.

you need a near perfect run to make it in time tho
A five is a great honour.
On the other, a five is definitely a great honour.
No exceptions.

I gotta say

those lasers were a good idea =) They did quite little but it made the map a tad more interesting.. The bottom-right lasers always got me at a sore spot - Great difficulty curve, I like that you have to go freestyle at the end even though I am not capable of beating it :)
And I'm no ma'am sorry :p