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Author UndeadPie
Tags action author:undeadpie easy featured playable quick rated
Created 2009-08-22
Last Modified 2009-08-22
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description Unlike all other kinds of fire

This map was featured on 2010-02-24

They say nobody does PALEMOON like PALEMOON.
UndeadPie has proved them wrong.

With a sweet, scraggly tileset and a few chainguns, UndeadPie has created a Palemonic atmosphere. The switches may look easy to get, but a few well placed mines makes getting them that little bit harder.

So watch out, PALEMOON. Someone might be trying to steal your CHURCHFIRE.


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fun map
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fun fun


no problem! If i like a map, I will fave it, then feature it.

I liked this one, so I faved it. Then I featured it!
Perfectly early episodic.
needs more challenge, though. The map just feels so short.
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this is way more Kaylabesque then Palemonic.

Actually, that's not entirely true. The spikes are definately palemonic, but the rest looks very Kaylab.

Just saying. :/

A g D

Amazing map. Faved.
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Demo Data


Nice. 5/5
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DAMN good map!!

I don't have the fastest demo, but meh?! Also,
I think that making these new maps (that are like PALEM00N'S STYLE) is not copying his style, it's just the new style of maps these days. Things change. eg go back to some of the first maps published on this site and tell me how they woUld go now?
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Whaddya know?

It is!
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that was easy and fun :) 5/5
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Excellent Map!

Just the right amount of of difficulty. I see why it was featured! 5/5!

Speedy AGD:
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nice map.
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Slow agd
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very nice

feature congratz 2 now!!! your awesome I dont think you remember me anymore but still

One of the prettiest maps I've ever seen.

Nice q:

I didn't see this coming at all.. Glad I didn't submit it to MOA xD


Nice innovation Life247, no need for a reverse jump though :P
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this map is.

Demo thingy

nice map
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Really cool map.

I see the influence, but I think it's a little unfair to go on about it so much. This map is wonderful in terms of spacing and gameplay and just has that special something, you can't copy /that/ stuff.
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It's not as PALEMOONish as I thought it would be. 2.5 up.
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I have no idea. Could someone fill me in?

Thanks :D

Catsmile right back at ya :3

Very nice. Sort of palemoony style.

Lovely. Faved.



Y'know I tried to counteract that, but apparently I didn't take into account that you guys were FAST


just a little too fast...
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slow AGD o.O
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Excellent map

has a nice flow and provides just the right level of tricky.
the bottom sems a bit empty though..

I'll have you know

I've spent ages on polishing and refining this map, so I'm glad you think so :D
Your route is a bit faster than mine :P
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Sub-1000 AGD

I really like the rough flow of this map: it's quite fun!
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if you'd like to start something then send it to my forum account then you may