Caverns of no hope

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Author MiBeM
Tags 3parts action author:mibem ded iwbtninja rated
Created 2009-08-23
Last Modified 2009-09-19
by 11 people.
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Description Pretty hard action map. The first part is a race but others are action. Ded to IWBTNINJA for being the first to complete Donald Duck 4.


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One day, long ago, wanted to be a Reviewer, I contacted toaster and asked me some sample reviews. I showed as four, and one of them was this map. I was never reviewer, but not for the maps that I chose, but my English was very bad. This map is great.
This deserves a Featured. 5
nice. heaps of fun.
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cool map


This is a really good map. Sweet aesthetics, consistent difficulty and theme while the challenge remained varied very nice 4.5/5

Concerning your comment on my map ( I assume your referring to the ones on the right. I didn't want to use mines as the didn't fit with the rest of the map and I didn't want people to just be able to scale that wall I know what you mean though it is hard.

I now see you've checked out a whole bunch of my maps thanks :)
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Fun map. The gold could do with some work but otherwise a good solid map. :D
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nice solid map

i like the stress everything causes =D
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a solid map, the first row wasn't too fun, just awkward, but other than that it was pretty good. a solid 3.
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