Eight: Shallow Days

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun hard playable race rated ttension
Created 2009-08-23
Last Modified 2009-08-23
by 17 people.
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Description Numbah eight in the series. Enjoy!

lol this is 8 not 9 whoops

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I was killed before i finished. Apparantly. You can see it if you watch the demo in NED, then look at the top left text, and the rocket hits me first. But i still finish :O

I guess the map was a little too panicky for me. The flow was pretty awesome, and when nailed worked really really well. I just thing it was a bit more 'comin atcha!' than my personal preference. NR. But it would be a good rating if i gave one :P
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Not the best, no.

One of the best, yeah.
I really believe this is up there.

you've made many

that are far better than this.


Its a riobe race, It's beautiful :]

Now THAT was FUN!

Fast, exciting, close calls, tricked out...5/5 for sure. Agreed w/ boonie92.


Now it looks overrated ;)
By 3 frames. 5aved
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i love your races.

and that it inspired heatwave makes this even better.
excellent flow and asthetics, and hectic...which i like.

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I don't understand what kind of races you want from me. I probably can do better, but what you enjoy and what I enjoy are apparently two entirely different things. What I love you don't find enjoyable. It's the same way with a few other authors on here (not to name anyone, you few might know who you are); I just lack the ability to understand what you'd like from me as a map-maker. D:

As for the map, I didn't find it 100% polished, but pretty damn close (as it was exactly what I was going for in this map; fast and exiting). I worked on it for quite a while (3 hours is a while in my opinion). I don't necessarily disagree with you though; I do find the map a tad cluttered ('a tad' to me might be 'very' to you), and sure it might be counter-intuitive, sure hectic. It's just really discouraging when you consistently fail to please people with the maps you work on for hours and hours. :x

And I do care. Every comment a person makes on my maps goes straight to my thoughts, and will remain there until I am able to somewhat consistently please that person (as much of an aimless goal that seems to be). I aim to please every person that plays my maps. I do know that I won't be able to do this on every map I make (such as these, because there are people that dislike races such these as a whole), and I refuse to stop making them. But even so, I will continue to strive for flawless and fresh maps.

So to sum up my answers:

1. No, I don't find this perfect, but pretty damn close. And I mean damn close.
2. I do not disagree with you to an extent, and I always care.
3. Yes, I can do better. ;)

I appreciate every single (even slightly) constructive post anyone's ever made on any of my maps, regardless of how discouraging they might be (unless it's just a blatant statement on the map being bad). Thanks for the comments everyone.


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too counter-intuitive, cluttered and just not enjoyable.

What do you think, Riobe? Do you think is 100% polished? Do you disagree with what I've been saying or do you just not care, because you can make better I think...


(the emotion, not the person)
I'm going to make a Psycho_CO race map.


everything is right here =D
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thanks =D

i completed it... though i think i took a wrong turn somewhere. XD
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no demo?

i keep hitting this mine =P

like over and over again
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Play this map Riobe

was boring

until the 73-to-26 jump in the lower left. then it was good. some good ideas here, although as a whole it was average.