Authors Don't Make Maps

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Author ska
Tags 2005 author:ska hard old-school philosophy race rated
Created 2009-08-26
Last Modified 2009-08-26
by 11 people.
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Description Maps Make Authors.

Race. Enjoy. And. Look. It's. Subliminal. Entertainment.

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This is the most fun I've had in ages.




5AVED, excellent map, i love the wide open spaces for a race map and its very clever, not seen a race map like this in a very long time


Authors DO make maps. Maps also make authors. The pants are shared in this relationship ^^.
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love the fast pace and everything. but i think the flow could have been smoother in a few spots. but mostly the flow was very nice.
very nice but not quite as enjoyable as your last couple of races.
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funz XD 5aved : )

Wow. I am awesome. :3


Realise is correct.

oh and btw!

my subliminal messaging trick seemed to work. furry ant said, "...but you come to realisethat every object is placed perfectly." In case you didn't get that, read the description again :P

I prefer furry :3

thanks ant.

and I'm removing the apostrophe so you grammar nazi's can focus on the map and not my after midnight grammar.

Awesome map. It's got the aesthetics that just hit you in the face as soon as you open the map but you come to realise that every object is placed perfectly. Crafted to perfection. Great job Ska. Faved.


are for possessives or contractions, not plurals.

The Apostrope

in "authors" is incorrect.

Looks way too speedy and hard for me. And perhaps a bit cramped aswell... I might play it later.

Feel free.

You can use any of my tiles from any of my maps. I rated 4 btw. It's grown on me. Love the fast paced ascent at the end.

the drone... meant to instill fear!


I dunno. It seems alright. The starting rockets were annoying.
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really enjoyed it

incredibly fast-paced, as most of your maps are.
that drone seems a bit unnecessary to me though.


oh my..

this is hard!! but quite cool. I liked the bottom part most.


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