Who's laughing?

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Author MiBeM
Tags action author:mibem chume14 ded hard-medium unrated
Created 2009-08-26
Last Modified 2009-08-29
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Description WhowhowhowhoWHOOOO!? I wanna know!!!!

Ded to chume14 for being so awesome.


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is Nan'd have a close look at the map

I am



I don't know yet... Maybe it is the Joker... Who knows... ;]
gold is important bot aesthetically and for game-play. It also allows you to make some regions of your map optional but people will still do them meaning your map will appeal to a greater range of players and abilities and have wider route options. In the case of this map if there had been some gold around it wouldn't have mattered so much that it was cheat-able right at the start cause people would have still taken the long route anyway.

Check out the rocket dodge in the top right of this demo quite cool.

Also here's a code editing tip if you want to make a drone stationary like that chain-gun on the left rather than putting it in doors replace the pathing variable (the 3rd number) with a letter and it won't move. For example with this chaingun change it to
This is better that surrounding it with doors cause it looks better, uses less objects and will still work if somebody manages to cheat and get there without opening the doors

was I right about the joker
Demo Data
I think its the joker laughing it reminds me of
This [] or this [] from a youtube tv show.

Cheated demo I'll do a proper one tomorrow it would still be nice to see more gold in your maps :)
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Demo Data


Why don't people like this one? Because I do.

Wasted tileset.