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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac n-art nonplayable rated
Created 2009-08-26
Last Modified 2009-08-26
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Hello everyone.

I have had so many requests to finish my last picture, but i had lost everything that i had to work with.

I am going to start it back up soon after i get caught up with my college classes, but this time, i will be recording the main parts of making/writing the codes for it.
*I do everything by hand, with only 3 programs: notepad, paint, and photoshop.
**I know it looks like it is generated by a program when you load it, but i found it easier to do it this way than what i have done in the past.

Basically, it will be a tutorial for what i do.

But first and foremost...i need a recording program. XD
If you all can, please recommend a simple yet high-quality program to do so.

I remember having one, bust since i have upgraded to windows 7, i have lost it.

This WILL be my final map and do not expect me to submit it within only a couple days. It may be a week or two because of how i work.
Slow, but tedious.

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hoy yeah

come back!

holy shit...

that is impressive


Bit small but wow


I have finished my tutorial video.
I will make a time lapse of my work, but it will take time.
Here is the link:

And fire

That's not going to happen xD


After this, he will submit 1 more map, then he's done.


That is all.


I'd love to see more.

could you possibly

make a map saying FBF XD




Never seen anything like this! Nice work!


You listened to me. :D. Glad to see you around. Nice work.


google it.

seriously, nice work, so is this a comeback or just submitting your archive?
say comeback :}

There are...

exactly 361 thwumps and 2025 bounce blocks.

whoa, that's insane, nice work, how many thwumps are there?


Nice text.