A drone map

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Author MiBeM
Tags action author:mibem hard-to-allgold medium n-art-ish rated
Created 2009-08-27
Last Modified 2009-08-28
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description A drone map.

Ded to first AGD.

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the tileset is pretty awesome, otherwise, i think the gameplay could be better, or more elaborate. 4
I did do it but I musta meesed up recording the demo or something :( I'll get another one when I have time I don't now but I will do some time don't worry about a ded anyway I just had one
thanks for checking out a bunch more of my maps my favourite thing on numa is coming back to "X maps with unread comments"


nice map your gold placement could use a little practice but it's a good start. This AGD was pretty hard but fun to get good map :)
Demo Data

Fun, the first jump is a bit annoying, and I'll give 3.