Ego Ave

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr featured maioribus oh2 rated
Created 2009-08-27
Last Modified 2009-09-01
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description --Maioribus Carta Plasmator []--
Translated: I Hail

-Basement Cavern-

I've returned for you, N
Expect a few more of these packs in the future, and these are not episodic, they're miniadventures. :D

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This map was featured on 2012-09-06

Do you like well-placed gold, deadly enemies and stylish tiles? Good, because martyr's map Ego Ave is a kick ass masterpiece. You need to first swoop down to get the trigger, but be careful, that fall isn't very kind to ninja. Then you can either venture right to get the gold which is being guarded by a gauss, or if that's too daunting, you can travel upwards and collect the gold being protected by the rocket. Sneak by the drone, and then back to the golden sunset. Er, I mean the exit. — Aidiera

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My speedrun

attempt. nice map. 5/5
Demo Data


...watching eddys demo i literally said to myself "omfg eddy chill bro LOL...
a lot of martyr maps thanks to this feature! Good one!


AGD Sub-600 possible.
Demo Data

even faster

Demo Data

Faster AGD

Demo Data

Thanks :D


...WOAH nice demo eddy!...

Sub-700 AGD

Pretty enjoyable map indeed, nice job ;)
Demo Data


...non cheated SR...
Demo Data


...faster Speed run(without switch)...

...i think i like the route for speed runs with the switch better though...
Demo Data


...faster AGD(although if romaniac grabbed that last piece of gold in his demo he would be wayy faster :P)...

...YIN-tiles set was epic!,enemies were placed expertly(especially the guass), was just hella fun and had a great feel, and is a good race map...

...YANG- that thwump isn't going to kill anyone...

...very easily 5/5...
Demo Data

I was wondering

how on earth this map could be so damn good. Then I realised it was a martyr map. 5/5

quite fun

Demo Data

One of the best maps I never managed to feature.


without opening the locked door. ;)
Demo Data
and is full of awesomeness.

Faster AGD.

Demo Data


Amazing tiles, and a great gameplay to back them. 5aved.
Demo Data


*wags tail*

another 5aved

gonna userlevel this


Wow, this one is great. The routes possible were brilliant, and the aesthetics were spot on. 5aved.
Demo Data
haha. i like more than one option.
and yeah im a bit dissapointed too

great map, cheatable but great. Surprised only 5 people commented on your return. Glad your back
Demo Data

awesome map 4.5/5 up



TOO MANY TREES ON NUMA awesome tiles otherwise