Battleship Raid (Raid I)

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Author Natai
Tags author:natai background battleship foreground nreality raid rated
Created 2009-08-29
Last Modified 2010-01-30
by 6 people.
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Description You are sent by helicopter to invade an enemy battleship. Find the key (last seen dropped overboard) to unlock the door and beat the map.

Watch out for guards, and the radio tower. Sudden outbursts could cost you your life.



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5aved :)

That is not how you do water in nReality.
This is how you do water in nReality. []

love it!

awsome "under water", and helicopter. 5

I really liked... the laser drone was like the propeller on the back of the helicopter.


This is a fun little level that's a little hard.
Demo Data

talk about ugly and overdoing it.
Demo Data

Having to

wade through all that 'water' to reach that key was really annoying but the rest was really cool especially the alarm


ALthough I didn't like that invisible force field drone, and the rotating laser drone was horribly misplaced. The swimming was a bit buggy but was well done. 3.5/5.