death hike

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Author I_am_unknown
Tags action author:i_am_unknown unrated
Created 2009-08-30
Last Modified 2009-08-30
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Description going down is easy...but going up is difficult, that's why it's called death hike

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and the drone is an interesting challenge down there. The levels no more simple in fact its harder and requires more advance jumps but its also better seriously play test the two against each other for a while and you should see.

Anyway you didn't move in time in chess so it said the match is over which sucks :(

but one problem...

the drone goes to the open space...which is not supposed to happen and the rocket isn't supposed to shoot to the inside where you need to go up from...but thanks anyway


well...thats a pretty simple way
also if you want to play now I'm on I'll hang around online for half an hour to see post on one of my maps if you do.

This map has the same problem as always with your maps to many locked doors making it tedious this one needs 1 or 2 but you have put 4

I have to agree with the below comments. 3/5


no rating?DARN!