A Sky Surrounded

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Author chironex
Tags author:chironex race rated
Created 2009-08-30
Last Modified 2009-08-30
by 7 people.
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Description A short race. RCE []

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I really like your races... keep at it!
I'd really like your opinion on it.
though this was a fairly good thought out map.
it just needed to be excecuted better.
a 3/5 from me

Didnt like the gold or the mines, they were spammy.
tiles were Ok, but could've been betta.
Flow was weird. A 3/5 is only fair :]

tiles are good

I couldn't get with the gameplay


this was really spammy and ugly.
kinda hard and annoying. i liked the structure, but the flow was irritating. i dont like gold being close together either. quite good though, i give it a 3.
Demo Data

I hate

the first bigger jump... I got it every 15th time or something like that during my first tries >.< (the mine up there is a bitch)...
Everything else is ok; the gausses are a bit spammed, but I think that's part of the concept and this abstract flow thingy isn't that bad, too ^^... Only those 5-tiles are a bit against the aesthetics, in my opinion :/
The aesthetics as a whole were very nice, though, and I also liked most of the jumps... 4/5. :]

"Cheating Death & Super Gauss Kill"-demo xD:
Demo Data
It's an interesting deviation from normal flow, and it doesn't hurt the flow too, at least in my opinion. It's a little more abstract, I agree, but I don't think it's worth getting rid of.

sweet, a demo =D

i did it wrong right at the beginning at my tries =P


i knew how it was done, but it just seems like an unnecessary manoeuvre. a quick tile edit would have patched it up nicely, and i'm sure you could have moved that switch somewhere more convenient.


this is great.

very much work, I guess.

@apse: Watch the demo, it demonstrates how it's done


Also on NReality.
Demo Data
that you somehow need to fix up.