Wither and Prosper

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Author Nocturnil
Tags action author:nocturnil unrated
Created 2009-08-31
Last Modified 2009-08-31
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Description As I wallow through the slavering mud,
I turn to the midnight sky and scream,

The eyes are still haunting me,
Ghastly shades of melting white,

The wretched faces of millions dead,
Whisper to our ears,

Gunshots crack as lightning strikes,
Blotting out all consolisation,

And as I look toward the moonlit stars,
I start to wonder about my fate,
What am I in for tonight?

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from a while back
same general concept, I think

that poem reminds me of an excerpt from Great Expectations: "and a man could die tonight, freezing to death under the careless gaze of the stars". or something like that.

Faster agd

here ya go guys
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Demo Data


very beautiful, gameplay is a bit easy.
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i got back into the first room after getting the door switch, but died...very nice job on the map, it just works.

creepy poem though...

Poem's by me.

Anyway here's a demo.
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