Stare through the Loophole

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Author Nocturnil
Tags action author:nocturnil unrated
Created 2009-08-31
Last Modified 2009-08-31
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Description Dedicated to Seneschal. This is my best tileset ever.

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i can make tiles like that easily, i've just been lazy with tile making recently

Feel free.



4aved. I might use this tile sometime.
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I can collab with you, even 29403 can join.



Thanks for the ded!
I like this - fun, and the tiles are nice.
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slower than natures_peril, but I don't care to try, I prefer the fuller version
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are you

up for a collab?

Looks good

plays alright. 3.5/5 up. :D

slow speedrun
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And a demo.

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