Ocean Anhelo Salsus

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Author martyr
Tags author:martyr maioribus oh4 playable rated
Created 2009-08-31
Last Modified 2009-09-01
by 9 people.
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Description --Maioribus Carta Plasmator []--
Translated: The Ocean Breathes Salty

-Seaport Resort-

I've returned for you, N
Expect a few more of these packs in the future, and these are not episodic, they're miniadventures. :D

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Agreed with SS. 5aved

tiles are phenomenal, the gameplay unfortunately isn't as close. but it's not bad either, I managed something pretty descent on my first try
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Deserves far more attention.

Oh crap!

Martyr is back! Dude, we are going to have to collab sometime to catchup!