Construction Site

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Author Tunco123
Tags 29403-tunco123 author:tunco123 collab rated
Created 2009-08-31
Last Modified 2009-08-31
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A collab between me and 29403. He made the tiles, I placed the objects.

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Over all :|

The map was pretty good but it was simple in a bad kinda way imo. The map didn't fell right, not sure why.

3.5 down.
foured just cause some parts were a little clunky - -;

tiles seem

strangely unsophisticated. However, they work very well. 4/5


f4ved. xD

Easily the best construction map i've seen. I like the fact that the objects seem to give off a "construction" feel as much as the tiles show it.


Shame that a certain map is hogging the top spot ;_;