My Secret Underground Lair

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Author Minion_of_Pi
Tags author:minion_of_pi cave tag-tag taggity-tag traps unrated
Created 2009-09-01
Last Modified 2009-09-01
Map Data

Description It's a cave.
You realize there are mysterious dark forms moving about, and you start to worry... then, as you descend the rotting mine shaft, you can hear them behind you, flitting about, trying to cut you off. You make it just in time! and find yourself down a long passageway, with many locked doors. Fortunately the keys have been left lying around, but *what's that?* an alarm system?!? surely not, surely not... and here's the final door, you know you are about to find the mastermind behind this cave... you enter... AND I COULDN'T THINK OF WHAT TO PUT NEXT

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It's incomplete.

Thus the "I couldn't think of what to put next"
otherwise I would have allowed ratings, but in my reincarnated form I don't hold much stock to ratings anyway.

pretty awesome

would've been 4/5

thats rather nice

good job ;D