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Author spudzalot
Tags action author:spudzalot hard playable rated survival
Created 2009-09-01
Last Modified 2009-09-01
by 19 people.
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Description A quick ten minute survival map.

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longest demo, this was great, i thought i already commented on it, really cool.
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i remember playing this when you first made it. i tried to cheat it but couldnt do it, but i randomly thought of this map today and tried to give it another go, and success!

this demo here obviously isnt the longest submitted but thats only because i cut it short after proving i could stand there forever.
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Really fast AGD.
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Really hard but i like it.
And this has quite the amount of quality. :D

alright, maybe im just jealous cuz they can make a better map it 10 minutes than I can in 30...

Thanks guys.


This map, along with a few others, was a victim(?) of mass-fiving earlier, which would explain the high rating (of course, it's a good map, too, so that obviously contributed as well).
Also, there are plenty of good 10 minute maps on NUMA(including this one); like this [] and this []; the latter was even featured.

a 10 minute map?

rated a 5? :/ its good, but not a 5

lol, hard stuff, it's cheatable but takes too long to accomplish :/ and it's not as fun
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Hai spudz

Mine never get that but then again mine suck :P


Somone is having fun rating everything. Haha.

Great job destiny and thanks.


it actually gets quite easy once you get into it...

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Its pretty intense. :O
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