The Blue things are coming!

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Author xXSc3n1cXx
Tags action author:xxsc3n1cxx first-map rated the-drone-train zap-drones
Created 2009-09-01
Last Modified 2009-09-01
by 11 people.
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Description This map was inspired by the map "48.7 seconds thill the drone train comes". It's my first map on this site. I added a bunch of locked doors. :p


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Your first map ... I 5aved


i've rated all your maps ;)

I've now finished playing/rating all your maps! XD
Don't complain if you don't like the ratings.

OMG I loved that map back in the day.
Welcome to NUMA. We have free continental breakfast every morning if you can find the Kitchen.

Not a very good map, imho. Don't rush ur maps--it makes them bad.


checkout my other maps, although there not tooo great either.

Welcome to NUMA!

It's always nice to have an addition to the family! 8)
Considering this is your first map, it's excellent! My only real complaint is that the gold is one one large heap. It tends to be more fun to collect when it's in a pattern, and not a block shape. other than that, Great for you first! 4/5
looking forward to your next few maps!


yeah, i can tell. i only used the basic single cell becuase i was in a hurry to get it online. my laptops battery was 10 minutes till' it died. :O

Welcome to NUMA! You seem to have a grasp of gameplay which is good though the tiles need improving.


ty all.

i kinda suck, but im trying to create a better one. and i realized it is pretty hard. lol

I agree with 29403

so 2. Cause I don't rate as kindly as many others.

I don't

like how the drone train has to come in order for you to complete the level. Also, the tiles aren't very good. Still, welcome and 3.