Panic Attack

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon dtf flowy new-style race rated
Created 2009-09-01
Last Modified 2009-09-01
by 9 people.
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Description Newest by yours truly. Just kinda been messin around for the last few days and put this together. Tried looking for different things in a few of the newer races. Hope you guys like this. Enjoy

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your my fav athaur and this is goind straight to my fave list

Cheated :D

not a great one though.
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and so i wasnt expecting to survive this time, causing me to miss a jump :/

But, all faults aside, that thwump was damned cool.
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5aved xD

Love the Thwump!


i liked it

nice flow for the majority and it looked relatively good.
a 4/5 and agd
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Good too ;D
Nice race man. (I died)
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the beginning

is horribly irritating. i find it pretty hard to find the flow too. though, it's a nice race. 3/5.

flow demo.

a little different from my previous maps.

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