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Author Minion_of_Pi
Tags author:minion_of_pi metanesque unrated
Created 2009-09-02
Last Modified 2009-09-02
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Description Both important. While one can lead to the other, the other cannot lead to the one.
On a note that is actually related, this is a quick map of a style I normally find too generic, but wanted to see if I could pull off. Enjoy.

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faster might be possible, but I had to stop with this demo for obvious reasons.
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First try

Demo Data

woot woot

and he does by 3 frames =P

i give this map a 4
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first try

nice map i like the use of enemies on this map
il try 4 a speed run demo now to beat avatar lol
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play it 2moro cuz im goin 2 bed now


Demo Data