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Author Minion_of_Pi
Tags author:minion_of_pi but-i-remember-there-was-one-that-got-featured-and-everybody-hated-it okay-i-forget-what-this-kind-of-map-is-called see-if-you-can-figure-out-the-order-that-these-tags-go-in the-author-had-green-in-their-name unrated
Created 2009-09-03
Last Modified 2009-09-06
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Description Blastoff! Kazaam! Ba-Boooom!
let's put away the fireworks and get out the big guns, boys!

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I see what you mean... I don't like that either, didn't realize I could make it another way... I think I'll edit it now ;D

it's because no matter what you have to wait for the thwump to come all the way back down, boring, I liked it other than that though


How is that such a bad place for the ninja? I was going for a counter-balance of the placement of the rocket, and it really doesn't matter where you start off, it's where you go that matters...

why did you place the ninja there? that's probably the worst possible place you can place it.
Demo Data


I don't remember it. And aww I was so close. ;_;

first one

was at the end. don't you remember that map? i think the name i was tryin to remember is a Gold Loop map... idk

it goes:

1. see-if-you-can-figure-out-the-order-that-these-tags-go-in
2. okay-i-forget-what-this-kind-of-map-is-called
3. but-i-remember-there-was-one-that-got-featured-and-everybody-hated-it
4. the-author-had-green-in-their-name




Or was the first one at the end?