Roallercoaster - go

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day coaster collab go rated roller sept
Created 2009-09-05
Last Modified 2009-09-05
by 20 people.
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Description Oh ho ho ho ho.

A crazy collab between Sept and me. First you have to push through the queue. Then see if you can work out the ride.

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jesus christ how does one make a map like that or ok how do two people make a map like that -its v interesting


the beginning, not so much. But the difficulty made me try alot and then give up after about an hour of trying this. Still, really fun to get past. 3^
if there weren't so many fucking deaths i got due to luck. first of all the launchpad in the top left killed me about 1/4 of the time. the thumps zapped me when i pushed up into them after the first racey jump about 1/4 of the time. when i went fast in the second racey bit before jumping off the thwumps, i would go behind the triangular tile and itd fuck up the flow and land me in the mines. I mean. its just so aggravating on an already aggravating map that it spoils it. it takes the challenge away because you know about half the time you'll fuck up due to chance. so it just like takes the 'want' of doing the challenge away. idk. cant explain it.
agd finally here and also on nreality. I actually found that leaving it for a day gave me greater focus and I was able to get it within 5 attempts after coming back to it today great after the ages I wasted yesterday. This map is amazing and deserves much better than a 3 I can't believe its still on that even after I 5aved it.
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I've had agd death on this map its driving me insane. There's also a completion on nreality but I'm gonna get this completion if it kills me.
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gloomp and Son_Of_Osiris especially



In what ways am I a dick tanner, please elaborate if you're going to make idiotic comments

daz fuggin stewpid

!!!!} y[ ??//? y ue do dats???/1!!

Most creative thing I've seen on the internet in weeks.

anyway, I like it. It's full of variety, and...whatever, it's cool.


the beginning is nais, specially with that story


is it possible that my brother can create an account for NUMA? I do not want to get banned for multiaccounting, but my brother wants to be able to post his own maps here. Is multiaccounting an automatic system ban?

Please reply,

Also... that map was crazy, but is had some good parts to it, especially the beginning =D 5/5
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Mechanics are pretty bad, and it's really too messy.

@gloomp: Go ride in the FailCrane.
lord day u shoud look at some of RadiumFalcons maps he pwns
if u want any mor advise abuot how to make gud maps just ask me
im kinda noob lol but id be glad to shar wut i kno

i think

i totally fucked up the gameplay... but hm thoughts plx... []

This map had some seriously cool moments, like the bouncepads and thwump race. It was a bit too messy for me but I sill like this. Also you need to make more maps. :)



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hahah awesome

this is even cooler than your last joint effort :)


karmap0lice is a dick. This map rocks.

Not my cup of coffee, but a very well thought out structure. I just think it was /too/ pretentious for my liking. I mean, this is like twice as pretentious as Love and Hate, which I featured.

weird as balls

seriously. i like the launchpad stuff at the beginning.
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whatever man, I don't like the map, knowing who did what doesn't matter, it's just bad.


You were so off...

whether I'm off or not on my estimation is of no relevance to my feeling about this map. Seeing how lord_day hasn't answered yet means I'm somewhat right on my guess', but still, it doesn't matter. The map could've been way better


are -so- off, karmap0lice.
I was chimneying, and I hit the corner pushing me into the wall on the left, causing the launchpad to kill me. :(

bottom right is all his, thwumps are his, GO is his, top right tiles are yours, middle bottom is yours (oneways and switches). Top left is his, weird looking mines in the race area is his, gold is both of your. Gauss and normal doors are him, floorguard is you.


Which are my bits, and which are his?

riobe, dont hold right when you get into that launchpad area, just let them take you, once you've gone through the upper launch pad, you can begin to hold right.

some good stuff and some bad stuff, I can easily see what sept did and what you did, you guys clash instead of compliment eachother
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First try.

God I suck. ;_;
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No wait

It did kill me. :o
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It was because of my respawning in between the two launchpads then wallsliding into the bottom one. >_<