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Author theNding
Tags author:thending featured rated tileset usable
Created 2009-09-07
Last Modified 2009-09-07
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description downnn downn down dow do d

This map was featured on 2013-03-27

Ever get that feeling?

You wake with a jolt, skin glistening with sweat and jaw clenched, your stomach recovering from that dreadful sensation?

You'd been on top of the world; their arms stretching desperate to reach you; the wind blew so strong up there but you were too engrossed... you slipped, you...

Woke, with a crash, on the hard earth floor.

This is where you belong, rooted and real; it's good to gaze at the stars, just don't get too dizzy. — astheoceansblue

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Amazing feature atob. 5


I am Nphasis now. I'm still here, mapping semi-consistently.
nice to see it here though.
you can gave it thending
We seem to think NUMA is all deserted and what-not, but the second these maps get featured, the long-gone authors come back... I guess more people check on NUMA frequently than we think



Nice Nphasis, seriously, I was thinking on featuring this one soon, but hey! You still have a couple more on this account feature-whorty! ;)...


:D :D

Yup zoas, It's me.

I always wanted this one to be featured. Beautiful prose in that review atob!
but I lack the ability to see why this got featured.

Slash this reminds me of the last scene of Waking Life.

Lovely review.

that brent guy

has the right idea

I realized, the moment I fell into the fissure, that the book would not be destroyed as I had planned.

cool tileset

and nice review


What do you mean Leo?
cool map. 4/5

current Nphasis right? He's an awesome tilesetter! :)
I was thinking about this too...

holy shit!

I thought it looked like the guy falling in Myst when I saw it too...


that says it all, really.


up'ed to 5

you've made it

to my favourite tile-set author 5/5


One of the best tile sets I've seen. Feature worthy, imo.


Looks like Myst.

Atrus, falling? =3


its really neat in thumbnail. 5/5








awesomely spectacularly awe-inspiring.