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Author ChaoStar
Tags action author:chaostar cake rated
Created 2009-09-08
Last Modified 2009-09-08
by 7 people.
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Description I like this map.

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if you look hard

you will see a cake in the above gold
love digital feel to gold and mines,
adds to gameplay beautifully, but feels a little too spacey/blocky in contrast to the gold placement.

hey again

do you any of my new maps?

Great, GREAT

map, but what's with the gold placement up there? 0.o
4/5 rated, tileset is great.

Pretty good.

I'm not a fan of that gold high above the right rocket though. I like getting the locked door switch a lot.
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oh, come on

your original title was so much better than this. was this map really rejected? i think it fits better in the pack.
placement of gold and mines is kinda ugly. still a 4.

I just logged on to right my message, but I just had to play a few maps before I leave, nice work!
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