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Author xXSc3n1cXx
Tags author:xxsc3n1cxx puzzle rated traps
Created 2009-09-08
Last Modified 2009-09-08
by 5 people.
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Description remember, k will kill yourself. thats good advice.

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a Demo.
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first try

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toward other members. It could get you in trouble.

NUMA Admin

Stupid :S

no need to do most of the stuff when u can just complete it so easily
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dude ty.

u know ima freakin noob at this, and i need ya gimme aa link. ty. very much.
Here. []

I don't really know why I should need "k"... The trap doors mostly don't even trap you :P...
The tileset also doesn't look really good and there's no real challenge... :/...
Look at some other maps like the ones of atob [:], maybe they inspire you...

Speedrun, on NReality, too:
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come on.

i put the map on, and a day later no comments? COME ON PEOPLE!! I KNOW yOU CAN DO IT!!!