Gun run

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Author MiBeM
Tags 1st 1strace author:mibem race rated
Created 2009-09-08
Last Modified 2009-09-08
by 8 people.
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Description My 1st race. Not very good, but the flow is kinda nice for a 1st.

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aesthetic pretensions far, I like to be based on the sole use of chainguns as an enemy, and his flow is awesome. 5


The flow is very nice, but the mini jump at the start is not good. Good but not incredible level :p
expecially for a first. 4

and your wrong on my new map, about the ship thing ;D
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Demo Data

i think

its pretty good for a first, at least it has flow xD.
look at my first.

LOL, yeah, that was when i didnt understand flow very well. but, anyways, i expect better things from you! ;) 3.5^/5

alright for a first

chainguns dont work well in enclosed areas, and the flow is alright at the best of times.
but for a first this is probably above average.


oh man. This brings me back. It's like a cheesy 80's song [].
It's got a neat addictive hook, but will start to irritate you after the 5th or 6th listen in a row. Not bad at all for a first race, but machine guns are inconsistent at the best of times - the bottom left corner especially is the case here. The flow kind of gets a bit messier near the end and loses it's generic looping charm.

Overall I'd give this a 2.5, rounded up due to the witty title.

Here's a lucky agd for y'all.

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it was OK

It got quite repetitive with all the rooms having the same enemies, and gold never looks good when they're all single dots. Would have been nicer if it was a bit more open too, instead of all those tunnels. The flow was mostly good though. 3
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