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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate centerpiece playable rated tileset
Created 2009-09-11
Last Modified 2009-09-11
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description the rejected centerpiece to Ka [], that I made as a separate tileset and converted into an easy-going map. Really fun!

There are 4 paths to beating it. Try 'em all, they're all short.

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nice job

plays a little like a race... strangely. 4/5

thanks for commenting on my new map =D


@chume14: I had no intention of this map being that complicated
@AVATAR_FANATIC and nevershine: so did I, that's why I rejected this one.

Its sorta like this

flow is usually something you feel not work out with this map I feel like the flow is going a particular way but then that way leads to death or a dead end. I seems to trick me which I don't like I end up confused and slightly irritated so I try again another way and it seems like this must be the right way but it isn't. I can't really explain it maybe its just too clever for me.

as it isn't a word

I'm not sure what you mean.

I wasn't to keen

seemed to have a lot of falseflow (<not a word) sorry still worth 3 for the tilse
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there's four ways of beating it.
Also, I may have made it simplistic to be in contrast of my last map. That one ended up pretty complicated.
Thanks for feedback :D!

it looks good

but it's pretty simplistic and short. cool though
Demo Data

do u like

my maps btw 4/5 nice tiles!!!

The centerpiece in Ka is better, but I like this one, too, cause it's playable.