Country Limit

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Author MattyMc13
Tags author:mattymc13 flow fun race rated
Created 2009-09-13
Last Modified 2009-09-13
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description I'm quite proud of this race.
Anybody who gets the fastest AGD on this map [] can still get the ded.

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this map was fun ill give it a 5/5
Demo Data

really fun

great flow

fastest agd btw
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, so I hadn't the time to comment on this map :P

... Mainly I agree with GNU, although I like the thwumps... I don't like the thumbnail very much (to be honest it's really ugly in my eyes), but when it comes to the full view I agree with GNU, too^^...
Those slope-jumps GNU also commented about are really a bit annoying when you play the race the first times...

But I think that you improved, too... For some the reason the bounce blocks are really fun to bounce on :D and the flow is nice... Your race-mapmaking-block seems to be over :]

Oh, and I like the "messy" look of my last map; it's like you could see new things everywhere (it's hard to explain :/...)... ^^

very good work

with this one. 5/5
even if its not quite beautiful. hidden thwumps are not my favourite enemy, but the rockets were ok. i liked the flow except for the parts where you have to jump onto a gradual slope, because the ceiling got in the way for me. it wasn't really clear first time round where to go after top right, but overall it was good. probably the most fun i've had playing one of your races. 3.5^
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Solid 4/5

Good flow and aesthetics, but nothing particularly noteworthy.


let me know when you want to. im always up for a collab ^^

thanks guys

I think I might use these tiles in a future map


good looking, and mostly good flow. there were still a few rough sections though.
i also didn't like the locks under the bounceblocks as it is possible to miss them sometimes.


That was a compliment :P

Sorry for being so condescending, i didnt realize that it sounded like that until just now XD

i like it

its definately got some good spots in it! the only thing i didnt like too much was the hiding of door keys under bounceblocks, but in a way, it makes it not cheatable so i guess it evens it out a little lol.

anyways. 4.5v/5
that must be a compliment
So is the rest really. It's on the borderline of being something. Which is a step in the right direction ^^

good race

prolly your best so far

I know I said I had school stuff but.. what the hell lets collab!

Agree, solid :)

One of your best work.. I like the tiles 4/5
anyway, here's the demo
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