Thunder prologue DDA

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume dda kradda rated thunder towerloop
Created 2009-09-15
Last Modified 2009-09-15
by 78 people.
Map Data

Description My first towerloop

I have an idea for a new type of towerloop I shall use as part of a long dda and this dda I am about to start making shall be called thunder and I will spend a long time on it and it will be good. However as I had never made a towerloop before I thought I ought to try a simple one first just to learn how to do it before I attempt something more epic so this is that, a prologue to thunder.

no. 41

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*17 months before.

What a prologue!

It comes out 10 months (and counting) before the actual thing! :(

also finish this

anal beads


i have finished mine
finish yours!!!!!!!!!!!


i pissed my pants



I gave 5/5

but kept on 4 :(:(





Finish this quick!

For dronies (perhaps)!


I've wanted to do this for a while but never got around to it.

Now you have "one map with unread comments." I love it when that happens.


awesome. 5



super work, 5aved!

Sure, I'll playtest

Pm me the map data on the forums.

Hey dude

thanks for making my brain hurt :p

Great Map!

How do you make tower loop maps?

can I use


DUDE I fucking

love the changes!!!!!


I'll never make a dda this good.

Go on IRC

I need to talk to you.

These ;


should see my new tiles.

Also 4.5/5

Oh, snap.

This is one hell of a tower-loop. Really nice job, Chume. And you also made it very... loopy. Great job :P Looking forward to your next map!
not as good as yours though. Could you tell me what you think of it?

This one is incredible, and I have an idea that I'll tell you about when I finish it.


nice to see...

... you also make such things...
btw, how is our collab going, are you getting on?
could you at least show me how far yoi got...?
don't forget what I told you in the last pm on the forums...!


This has been on here for way too long. So glad it's going down, no offense.
thanks everyone. It is a little bit disappointing it went down from 5 to 4 but they always seem to I generally use how long they stayed at 5 as a better indicator of how good they are and this one made it to more than 25 rates at 5 which is good. It may have been sniped may not have been never mind.

Great map

still on hot pages map...


i've seen 2 towerloops so far but neither of them are even close to as good as this one!

very impressive

Greater than other towerloop maps. 5aved.

it actually does

and it actually just did


someone has sniped this.

the rating just doesnt drop from 5 (25 votes) to 4 (31 votes)... when a few more people have rated five as well.


is awesome



not even

close to the same old same old... not at all
5aved =D
Looking forward to the real deal.


This shit is AWESOME. Things that have been said that I agree with:

Longest I've ever seen.
Also a KRA.
Kicks ass for those reasons.

Beautifully done, I await the next with high expectations. 5.