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Same old

Same old


I meant KRA / towerloop combo.




what do you mean you see a feature coming on


I see a featuring coming on...


Long and cool.


I forgot to comment on this. Looks awesome, for what it is. It's really lengthy too, don't think I've seen any other towerloop maps this long, so it's awesome, great work!


I like the tile-set. It looks like three monster things are around the face.
except 5aved.


like it because it's a freakin' KRA. :D

its hypnotic, i love it

This is amazing.

Let me know when Thunder comes out!

I agree.

Haven't seen a tower loop in ages. D=


havn't seen one of these for a while. Probably not the longest ive seen, yet very nice rocket, and route.

4.5^ - looking forward to next one.
I just assumed all objects worked differently from tiles, especially considering that I don't think any part of the graphic ninja can touch a mine and survive.


many parts of his body are inside the tileset as well. the graphic doesn't always match the detonating range.

stalkage xD

and the whole thing.


On top of everything already said, the rocket actually overlaps the ninja's back foot the first time they pass when I watched it fbf. How does that work? 5/5


Are you shittin' me? You are a god, chume.
I make mainly concept maps. Its cause I find it the most interesting.

Haha. Cool.

I`ve seen only the "userlevels" towerloop until now. But this one is MUCH cooler.
... that don't work like maps, if you catch my drift.

The actual one will

be both longer and more exciting and more inovative

X100 :)
as opposed to what exactly?
this went on a while but wasn't that exciting. :P



/me goes boom!

Too fast and not very exciting.

thanks guys

bufar that is only part of the idea but I don't want to give it away cause it might ruin it or someone might steal my idea gonna be hard though :)
I've only seen like 3 or 4 though.

Still, well done! :D


The DDA/Towerloop combo is such a simple idea. (I know the execution will be a bitch though.) I wish I had thought of it.

Holy FUCK.

As an emphasis to destiny's comment. If this is the prologue, I got a feeling in me stomach that thunder is going to be something very, very special. Incredible.


Awesome! I usually don't like DDA's, if they're just the same, just N gliding around the screen, but when I see something like this! Ya! still don't know how to rate it though. I stick to rating action maps.


There's a face in the middle; and a few monsters around the sides.
Very cool, can't wait for the more complicated one!

haha thanks destiny

I did this one as a little practice run for what I have in mind for the actual thing so be sure to check that out.

Holy shit

Not only is the propulsion amazing, and the longest and most exiting tower loop i've ever seen, it's also a KRA! This is epic. 5/5 for sure.