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Author ska
Tags author:ska close-calls dda ikara kradda rated rocket
Created 2009-09-17
Last Modified 2009-09-17
by 29 people.
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Description KRADDA

Interesting Facts and Information about this map.

0) For best results, please play in debug mode and don't press anything, dammit!
1) Features some tile placement by Clifty
2) Can be played synchronously with All Star by Smash Mouth [] from the second syllable of the first word of the song (i.e. Somebody)
3) It's my first DDA in over 3 years.
4) The rocket goes in between tiles and doors over 20 times.
5) Took less than a week to make.
6) The frame count is the same year as Captain Cook claimed the east coast of Australia.
7) The name "iKara" is a spoof of the TV show 'iCarly' and 'Ikara' is the name of an Australian missile. (Hence why the missile is doing such a great job of dodging floating debris.)

Enjoy ;P

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somebody once told me the world was macaroni
so i took a big bite of a tree
it tasted kind of funky
so i fed it to my monkey
and my monkey starting cussing at me
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of course, now that song is stuck in my head...
Theif! []
Theif! []
Theif! []
Theif! []
lol iCarly...
and i was thinking about colliding a dda with a song, but you beat me there (and probably somebody beat us both there).

best parts is when the rocket goes around n 50 times while hes just sitting there waiting for the thwump. XD




I found this while browsing the depths of NUMA. . .

pretty damn awesome work for one week. The second long rocket circling wait seemed unnecessary; then I saw what the rocket nearly did and it was all good


Fastest AGD

Demo analysis:-
000. Nothing - 1063 frames
1063. J - 1 frame
1064. Nothing - 198 frames
1262. J - 2 frames
1264. LJ - 5 frames
1269. J - 13 frames
1282. LJ - 25 frames
1307. L - 45 frames
1352. Nothing - 2 frames
1354. R - 54 frames
1408. RJ - 3 frames
1411. LJ - 43 frames
1454. J - 2 frames
1456. Nothing - 13 frames
1469. R - 2 frames
1471. Nothing - 2 frames
1473. L - 4 frames
1477. Nothing - 3 frames
1480. R - 4 frames
1484. Nothing - 8 frames
1492. L - 3 frames
1495. Nothing - 6 frames
1501. R - 16 frames
1517. Nothing - 3 frames
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yeah it was

i thought that was super sexy

Nice ska!


All that is gold does not glitter?
And I can't believe the times the ninja was just standing there the rocket didn't kill him.
LOL!!!!!!!!! it went to the song 5/5 just for that
It should say "it is to hard"

I love it, but I couldn't time the audio right.

Faster speedrun

Demo Data

Faster speedrun

Demo Data

No I understand

that was what he did what I meant was if you've made this in one week and he was anything to do with it he was probably somewhere around numa in the last week. I was previously under the impression he left years ago thats what I mean.

315: squeaked

sorry for the spam.
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Demo Data


Demo Data


Very nice: the rocket orbiting was especially great.

I had to cheat this because you made it possible.

Demo Data


Demo Data

I could other than the fact that I'm not a huge regular of this site and haven't yet worked out how to fave a map! lol

well not really..

..But when you say 5aved could you actually fave it? ;P


Um... that's it.
Sorry do I need to say anything else?

Cheers Destiny :)

thanks for your comments, guys. Keep em coming ;P

Pretty sweet

Nothing monumental, but a solid and well earned 4.

I love you amlt

master or sarcasm through text.

Much faster AGD

Nice one babes.
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*long silence* I really have nothing to say. O__0 Awesome.


Nice one babes.
Demo Data

It's good.

Not the best, but much better than I can do.


it really works together with that song, the beat fits perfect :O

5aved ;D
He didn't actually add any movement to the DDA though..


does this mean clifty is still around I thought he had left