Tsunami of Awesome 1.1

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags 1.1 author:wordblamcreator flow-ish race toa unrated wbc
Created 2009-09-18
Last Modified 2009-09-18
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Description Well... I took Jawbit's advice and made the map longer... you can find Tsunami of Awesome here []. I am not sure if this second part is as good as the first... But I do think it is ready to be released to the general public so... here it is.

PS if you want me to make it longer just say so.

PSS I forgot, please rate, comment, and post demos. Thanks :).

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very nice work.


sequal...sequel >_< idk but its a really good 2nd map lol
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A lot harder than it was for me before...
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I am finding the flow hard to find.