Lets Play Doctor

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray image image-map imagemap map nreality rated
Created 2009-09-18
Last Modified 2009-09-18
by 54 people.
Map Data

Description skyray; imaging/objects
spudzalot; objects
blackson; wanted to be mentioned
kkstrong; modmaster and coding help

yes, use nreality, or don't, but if you don't use nreality and submit a demo, say so

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still very cool

probably a desirable role model of a realistic imagemap.

Really cool

A little frustrating to play, but the image and other effects are great.


Miststalker said ... can you teach me how to image like that? (or at least give me some tips :P)
the items and the objects in this map? Like the lamps and sinks and stuff. It's way awesome. And can I please get your brushes?! :D <3 <3
this [] map of mine. I'm terrible at photoshop (incluye did the image on the map submitted after this one) and I feel like it could work exceptionally well with an image. We would call it a collab, of course :3

But please don't feel inclined to carry out my whims - no worries if you can't be bothered. Hell, I probably wouldnt be.

This is great.

I love the thwumps - they're amazing. And the whole atmosphere is just awesome. Makes me nostalgic of when I used to make these things >_<

Very awesome

Use a pink or red ninja, then get killed at the top with the rocket. N is origionally white (in this level), and changes to his selected colour at death.

Dying becomes all the more realistic. ;D
like these!?!?!


It's so cool, it's untrue. Perhaps make one with a few jumper moments. Without mines though, for purposes of visibility. Drones and floorguards could work really well with this style of image.

that happens a lot, happens to me too, it's just some random loading problem your computers having. I have a pretty below average computer, so it happens very often. Just wait like 10-15 min with nreality open and it should eventually work.
how do you get the image and everything else to load?

I'm just getting what you see in the thumbnail


it looks good but

it plays bad. the graphics get in the way of the actual game, and it's hard to tell where the one ways are.



that looks wicked cool =D


atob thats why im impressed lol. maps not bad, but its a little confusing. but i enjoy the image very much lol.

Awesome image. :3

Gameplay felt kinda finicky at times, but it wasn't bad at all.
On a side note, I just now noticed where your name is in your avatar. ._.



I lol'ed

At "I wow'ed".

i wow'ed

your nreality imaging brings new life to dull maps, which I commend and appreciate, but nevertheless, this is a dull map, unfortunately. Love the imaging, this and the cow one are good, but not great.
Demo Data

FOR some reason

my nreality woulndt load transparent update ;(
One of the best looking Nreality maps I've seen. But the gameplay is so lacking... And the gauss is so hard to notice, that's the worst part! ;_;

the best imagemap

ive seen yet


I didn't like the gameplay at all. :(


If i'd play it without using n-realty, i'd give it a 5/5 again, because gameplay and gold placement are amazing. It's really funny to play it.

Also, when you merge this map with that background and new images for thwumps and doorways (i loved that lavatories ^^ ) , that blood on the walls and the rocket who comes around yhe clouds in a patheticly atmosphered sky... It looks and plays amazing.
Demo Data
I like this.
but still I like the image. NR because the level isn't that great. The only thing that really gives this any sparkle is the image.
The possibilities of Nreality are limitless, I don't wanna see no sodding themed image on a standard map with silly thwumps.

oh yeah,

atob, the wow was purely for the imaging. the gameplay is pretty not that great. but the is still pretty needed considering the amazingness.. heh. of it all. i love the bathroom in particular


this looks fantastic! as guys have said the shafts are a bit tricky at first but once I got used to them it played fine. Great job, all

This is by far

the best-looking map I have ever seen.
The gameplay can get awkward at times, because of the "shafts?".
But really nice job!

well, regardless of how well it plays, most people will play a game purely for the aesthetics, or at least look at it and wow, for the mass amount of effort i put in for this, i don't mind it

I can't believe

so many of you are wowing at this. I'm probably the most avid supporter of atmosphere as a gameplay device on NUMA, but even I can't get past the shallow and unrefined gameplay.

Also I left that shaft comment in hoping it would be used well, BuddyLee you didn't disappoint! :)