Kevin Challenge N.1

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Author capnshazmo
Tags author:capnshazmo drone fun kevin kevin-drone unrated
Created 2009-09-18
Last Modified 2009-09-18
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Kevin is the beast. You must manipulate him or just avoid him to escape. And trust me, you want to escape Kevin.

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haha this map was great i loved the description and the gameplay was original 4/5


I guess it's easy to complete but a little hard to agd.
Description is funny (Fighting with a seeker drone isn't interesting but chalenging with Kevin is cool). Simple design, funny gameplay. I liked it.

Here is agd (but it's not so fast)
Demo Data

No you**

-you from last comment
And yeah you, his antennae makes it fair.

easy kind of lol :P

was kind of easy cause u saw his antena xP