Amusement IS NOT FUNNY

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Tags author:whittyboy race shit unrated
Created 2009-09-20
Last Modified 2009-09-20
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Description So I wanted to make a race. Well, no I didn't, furry_ant wanted me to. However, I'm very lazy and got bored at the point where I had to put objects and good aesthetics in, so I just dotted mines round the map and filled the tiles in.

PS: I hope you find it fun
PPS: I hope sayko finds it "funny"

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Take my advice.

Leave the people in this community alone for a while when it comes to communication.
Or be nicer.
I never really understood why you like to upset people around here so much man.
I mean, you never really annoyed me, as far as I know, but I just think you should chill out and leave other people in peace as well... Don't you think?
Believe me, it's much more fun when you are actually having fun with other people, or when you drink to much.
But that's a whole other story ;)


now i bored of this 1

another way v
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one way

Demo Data


It's ok. It needs work. Keep it up.

nothing spectacular

decent flow though
just because he dies doesn't mean I can't play maps. Don't be a dick or gtfo my internetz

I wouldn't say this map has no aesthetic value. The tiles look pretty nice to me.
this is just a bunch of loops mashed together. the flow in some places isn't even very good.

the multiple paths are barely distinct. there are 2 main ways you can go, and the other paths just have an extra loop added in.

Making a race map quickly is no accomplishment if the flow is uncreative and it has practically no aesthetic value.
I can't be bothered to list them all. Some are minor changes.

Path one.

Demo Data

you did this

in less than thirty minutes? wow, nice job for that ;D

i think this is path one...
Demo Data

It's multipath.

But path 2 ain't so good.