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Author Naczz
Tags action author:naczz unrated
Created 2009-09-20
Last Modified 2009-09-20
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Description ~sigh~

I really hate how my life balances out my hobbies, chores, social life and school. 40% school 30% social life 20% chores and parents 10% hobbies i.e metanet
I never have time for metanet anymore, its really sad. so in good old metanet fashion, I made a map about it. lol. It a good old get the swith to get the switch action with some cool drones.
I hope I can make more in time, remember that I am not a frequent mapper so check out my othermaps since there aren't that many of them since swithcing accounts.

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besides that, this is an average drone dodger.
so please explain. it is completable. btw.


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