Numa calls back

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Author Diamondeye
Tags author:diamondeye dedication rated
Created 2009-09-20
Last Modified 2009-09-20
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Inpired by and dedicated to Sidke, one of my favourite mappers on here. The tiles are horizontally mirrored from his map "A Call to Numa", but doesn't play worse for that.

Cheers, man.

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good shit

Demo Data

death demo

oh wow... i suck... 5/5
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Different gameplay than it's inspiration. I like it. 3.7/5
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<3 Jawbit

The Floorguard is different, obviously.

But the point is that the map plays well this way aswell. Perhaps not feature-material, but still a very nice map. And I also think of it as a creative and original way to dedicate a map to someone.

isn't that

exactly what the description said?

isn't this

almost exactly the same map, only flipped?

Woo :333