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Author KlanKaos
Tags action author:klankaos craaaazy unrated
Created 2009-09-22
Last Modified 2009-09-22
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Description Dropped from MotA, which I kinda expected with this one. I'm giving up on this kind of concept for a while. This is just a taster for a few weeks from me... I'm doing a two-week first aid course and cannot map, so enjoy this.

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it was mostly because I hadn't opened N in almost a month. I've got my mapping ability back now though :p

But yeah, mapper's block sucks.

good stuff
Demo Data

The gold and mines

on the top right are legit


I never got round to checking this one out (I need to be on my laptop to play N cause this is a piece of crap), so I'll fave and reserve judgement till then.
good idea though. just make it closer. or make it so that you don;t have to ggo back all the way round?
just too long. which makes my patience wear thin.


It took you 99 seconds to fully experience this map? I'm a little disappointed.

nice new map

4/5 great gamesplay!!