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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-11-13
Last Modified 2005-11-13
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Three ninjas walk into a bar. You'd think one of them would have seen it.

It's quite possible to get some good speed up on this map.

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Cpt Zeroth:

Please, you have your opinions and your justifications and hey, you made a comment why you said you didn't like this map. Really, I don't mind. It's your opinion. Please, vote this map and don't refrain from it just because, for some strange reason, it's become so sucessful.

Oh- and those things are just there to try and help put SOME speed in the thing... except, it didn't quite work. I thought I'd keep them for decoration or something, I dunno. I guess you're right, though, they sorta are useless.


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i dont like

the name of the map. i dont get it? a joke? whatever.


Well designed too. 4.5
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well made
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I love the tileset. The gameplay, though, just isn't that great. The rockets and gauss turrets seem almost pointless. I cant't quite put my finger on what the big problem is, but I didn't find it too fun. I WOULD rate it a 3.5, but beeing as it is the fith on the top maps, and because I don't want to be too much of a jerk, I am not going to rate it at all.


This is favorited, and 4.5. Wonderful!
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I kept making stupid mistakes...
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Demo Data

Yum, artsy.

I like the tileset, I'mma go play the level.