The Fatalist

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Author sTalkR
Tags action author:stalkr kickstart2 unrated
Created 2009-09-24
Last Modified 2009-09-24
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description for the kickstart competition.
my kicks were:
tile: ATOB TREES: 15 '2' Tiles, 10 '6' Tiles, 5 '5' Tiles, and 20 'E' Tiles (numa_ninja)
object: Hand-picked just for you: Between one and five of every object must be used, including ninjas and exits. (Amadeus)
rule: I Would Die 4 U: All of your gold must be placed dangerously close to objects that can kill your ninja. (PALEMOON)

as you see, i didn't really have a lot to work with. i quite like the result though. if you find a way to cheat, please post "ZOMFG cheatable you loser!!!!111!", and add a demo.

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ZOMFG cheatable you loser!!!!111!

could be improved if your corner on the locked door.
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Almost cheated.

It's peculiar. 3.5 down.
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Too hard to be a problem, and I died at the end.
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Demo Data