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Author xXSc3n1cXx
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Created 2009-09-25
Last Modified 2009-09-25
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Description i found out how to vanish. Works only on nReality. if you dint get get it, try jumping. (thanks to SundayMorningCall for telling me how to spell 'Disappear'.

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This is copied from a wbc map where he asked me to explain the same thing to him. I assume you have nreality otherwise you wouldn't have even seen the effect in order to ask me about it.

1) place the object in the centre of where you want it to rotate around and copy the code ie for a peice of gold in the middle.

2)Add the following to the end of it ^^^,7,direction,speed,startAngle,Radius
so for this it would be 0^396,300^^^,7,1,speed,startAngle,Radius

3) make sure there are 4 of this symbol before the number 7. If the object your making rotate is already modded you might need to delete one or 2 of the ^ for example to make this rotate.
change it to this
one less ^ cause there already is one

4) fill in the values for
to what you want them to be. Use a positive speed for clockwise and a negative one for anticlockwise. StartAngle is measure clockwise from the positive x axis. Use trial and error to hone these values to where you want them.

5)Save and load it as the code for that object I think that's all but tell me when you read this and if you have problems.
Sucking up to people won't make them create better maps. Critique will.

you gave it a 2 cos you dont like rockets?

Im confused

what do you mean "speed based"?


and yeah,Sunday DOES need to chill out a little. Come on man.
because of the parameters you entered in Nreality, I'm pretty sure.

Lighten up Sunday

The ninja...

Disappeared? Haha!


me either. The ninja just, 'poofed', and don't get on my case, because i know that's not a word.


I don't know what happened in the map. I would assume that the ninja went out of the map/screen.


No. A typo is where you make a mistake. Not being able to spell a word is ignorance or lack of knowledge.


i AM in 10th grade you know. i know that. it was a typo on my part. ok??. :p

ok i fixed it.

ill put ya in there. ;)


i thought it was spelled wrong. :p


Anyway, here's a little lesson on English language structure.

1) There is a prefix dis-. There is not a prefix diss-.
2) Appear does not begin with an S.
3) Appear is double P

You can use dis-, un-, -in, etc. Depending on the word. Unimportant. Inconceivable. Basic English. A prefix and then the word. The latter does not alter. The former is a variant. Heed these words.


i just

found out about Modtools cuz infunitys' site was down this morning.