Casanova Rodeo

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Author shortshift
Tags action author:shortshift featured rated twa
Created 2009-09-27
Last Modified 2009-09-27
by 24 people.
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This map was featured on 2010-03-06

“Casanova Rodeo” by shortshift is one of the most fashionable and smart maps up to date and another proof of its authors’ artistic brilliance. It combines breathtaking action with a classy, graceful style and an ingenious ending. The tall cliffs above provide an unmatched atmosphere and some very nice variety in gameplay.

I guarantee you a mind-blowing experience when you dive head first into the fiery deeps of this map. And you’ll never want to come up again, I promise! -- by nevershine — origami_alligator

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until they get featured??
Ah well, AGDD. I did AGD it, but i like this demo.
The map is great, the little bit of gold to the left at the start is so enticing to go for, the way the two rockets often do like a combo move on you, and there is a section for a breather in the middle.
And I see you might have listened to my comment on the previous map :D
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I thought It was good. I like the part with the floor gaurds and the rockets have good range. The ending could be a bit better. Nicely done 4/5!

finally. I saw this coming.

hee hee

well, it's a masterpiece. I just /had/ to feature it.

Radium's creature feature.

oh shit.

I was going to feature this.

Awesome review

Awesome feauture
Awesome map
2 features in one day is practically blasphemy. the need to conform to a schedule does not trump the notion that a featured map needs at least 1 day of viewing. i think this was pretty uncool of you. imagine if it was your map.

i'm disappointed and borderline upset



Re-tile <3 []

Also, got top highscore on nreality by 17 seconds ;)

This is brilliant, probably my favourite map on NUMA.

big fun :)

loved it.
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Oh man.

Those rockets have amazing range. Fuck.
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awesome. I really really like it.

The tiles up top

reminds me of stepself's Shell Beach.

pretty cool looking, but gameplay could be much better, gets a bit awkward at the end, although I like the rocket/floorguard area
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Cool rocket dodge.

cool map. 4/5
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come to #intertwined if your on.

worthless comment
charlie norris




a shortshift map, we gottsta collab man!


Better than the last one, in my opinion.