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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone race rated
Created 2009-09-27
Last Modified 2009-09-27
by 12 people.
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Description Please play, one of my best maps ever, and please comment even if you didn`t get everything. If you can`t find the flow see my demo. There`s a shortcut also.

Have fun. (:

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Its a great challenge, kept me trying to beat it.


i see all the work that went into this. excellent use of thwumps.

though i don't think i'd call this a race. still a 4/5


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a very good map from first look i thought it would be bad but i really enjoyed playing it. 4/5

very unique flow

even if it wasnt very flowy at points. 4/5


I like it. Thwumps work very well. An awesome demo here.
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I'm really bad at the thwump in the middle right...
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but this isn't a race. It's a crazyrace [], a variation of the race genre that I defined. Add the tag of crazyrace, please, as I like this kind of maps and I would like more of them to start appearing. Anyway, 5aved.


author'd. and thanks for the comment on my map!


thwump mechanics man, I really love it. 5/5


Simply when all contestants have PMed me their map part.
the gameplay is so dynamic, that's why I love this map. together with your demo (I really couldn't find the flow without it.), this deserves a 5. much work, I guess.

When are you going to submit our contest map?

And that`s

the shortcut:
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Just look.
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