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Author da_man894
Tags author:da_man894 ehh... moon playable race rated short
Created 2009-09-28
Last Modified 2009-09-28
by 21 people.
Map Data

Description Lifeless and still...

This is just a random short race I made while bored today.

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shot you a message on the forums.

really pretty,

4/5 too short.

I remembered

I made the map a few weeks back, and it was for personal use only. Recently finding it on my computer, I had not remember what it was, or in this case, whos it was. Just say and I'll delist it.
Sorry for any troubles.

what do you think.

about doing another collab with me?

Nice race :)

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you are a genius

of atmosphere. very well done.

very awesome race

nicely done with its shortness and its flowyness. =D
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Liked it.

Come on NUMA more.
I could fall asleep playing this, and that's not a bad thing it just feels really calm.
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theres nothin like going onto NUMA and seeing a fresh race from my favourite author. great as usual. would have been nice longer...i say meh to that.


Quite fun.


CANT STOP PLAYING IT. lol. i cant really stop playing any of the most recent races. rit's, mine, this one. oh man lol.

It was alright

Although there were a few instances of dubious flow and poor object placement.

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im ready for this. i collab fast, idr if you do, but im ready for some seriousness. =P


but a bit short. but i wont rate down for it. didnt really like the vertical climb on the left side near the middle. oh well. 4/5
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short but sweet. you are defeneatly my favorite race mapper