Sometimes We Start Over In The Future

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Author remote
Tags action author:remote fast playable puzzle rated timing
Created 2009-09-28
Last Modified 2009-09-28
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description wanted to play with aesthetics, as by the look of things ive lost the ability to make a pretty map.
ended up pretty happy with it

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oh well its on nreality anyway so here it is again sorry.
Demo Data

thanks man

that means loads =]


I'm pretty sure both of the other golds are possible just very hard. This is so good were I a reviewer I'd feature it.

and thats

why I delisted it :/

great map

but there is always one piece of gold I don't get down the bottom near the door key. Faved cause I want to beat it.

yeah it was hard.. but i liked it overall


Difficult. But it's about fucking time there was a new map from Remote. I've been hauling through loads of maps in an attempt to find an excellent one!