Wheel World 1 - Underside

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume nreality rated wheel world
Created 2009-09-28
Last Modified 2009-09-30
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description Nreality needed

My first Nreality map uses the rotation mod.

Thanks and ded to seneschal for play-testing.

I have a few other ideas similar to this so it may become a series.

The series so far

1 - Underside []
2 - Laser Funk []

no. 42!

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Perfect ambience.

Those edited bounceblocks are tough for me.

Demo Data



but laggy. 4.5


REALLY awesome map, can't believe I missed it. So fun to play, and it didn't lag for me. Made me dizzy though.

also thanks for your help on my forum topic ^^ really appreciate it =D
Demo Data

This is SO cool

But a bit laggy.

First try

in a while. Think, I might've played it before ;)
Demo Data

this is the map.

you may change it its a rough estimate. sorry i dont no how to like make the map data a drop down.
one are generated but nothing else is its only really worth getting all the parameters of the program if you need like more than 30 of an object which are very similar.

No lag for me. o_O


I aprove of this series. Lemme guess, it's made using some map-generation program?

Concept as good as part 2! I'm looking forward to the third and I hope you'll keep up with the quality!

Can't play

Lags too much for me.
I have nothing to say to it, rather that it is very inventive and innovative. Also, I think the route down is hard - I'm not saying too hard, I'm just saying that the majority of the community here on N.U.M.A. might experience difficulties playing it.

nice map

also sorry about my map, i made it possible now ty

now thats what

i call a great great tile-set i will work on it a little bit now but tomorrow i do it probably.
but you should definately change it a bit so its not like exactly the same. can you do it soonish got to go in like 5-10mins :(

if your still up

to the collab check out these tiles.
i love the rotation. wish i knew how you did it. but, even on my com puter which has a dual-core processor and 2 gigs of ram, it still lagged a little. so 4/5.


The lag for me was so small that I barely noticed it :)
You guys need better computers >.<
Not very similar to: "Omg, it laggs... 1/5"

Faster AGD :D

He he :p
Demo Data

cool, but it lags awful... now im on a 8 year old computer so it could be just me but idk.. in other words i loved the originality but im not really sure how it plays

1304 ms/f O_o


an excellent word if you guys could rate I'd appreciate it cause I've fallen of hot maps :D
for me at all but I'll try and take that into account and cut down the number of objects if I make a sequel.


It lags up for me so much it's unplayable, and my computer's usually very good about these things. A shame, because it looks great.







i got your

total ratings up about 40 lol.
come on someone push it over


cheers mate
here is a version with really insane gold which looks really cool but doesn't play so well imo []

@ultimatereading yes I'd forgotten we were gonna do collab yeah ok I'll pm you.

Great idea, but too laggy.

you want to

do a collab?